Algenist REVEAL Concentrated Color Correcting Drops vs. NIOD Photography Fluid Opacity 12%

Brighter! More luminous!! Maximum glow!!! Yes, you could say I'm a little enamored with glowing, dewy skin; thus I have a plethora of highlighting and illuminating products in my makeup stash. On a recent work trip I just couldn't resist ducking into the local Sephora, where I picked up the Algenist REVEAL Concentrated Color Correcting Drops. Guys, I didn't even research this before buying it. All it took was trying out a couple swatches and I was convinced.

algenist color correcting drops vs niod photography fluid

The Algenist REVEAL Concentrated Color Correcting Drops are a series of color correcting fluids that can be worn solo or mixed into your foundation. There are four different shades: green (to combat redness), blue (to reduce sallowness), pink (to fight dullness), and apricot (to neutralize discoloration and dark tones). Besides color correcting, the REVEAL drops also contain green microalgae and alguronic acid to promote cell turnover and restore moisture. After careful consideration, I opted to try the pink shade for its illuminating properties.

Once back home, I realized that these drops served a similar purpose to my NIOD Photography Fluid Opacity 12%, which I've reviewed previously. The NIOD fluid acts as a primer or standalone base that uses nano-prisms to reflect light and trick it into appearing smoother, more even and youthful, while a mix of bio-complexes provide 48 hours of moisture.

So did I just buy two duplicate products or can I still justify owning both? Well, we'll see!

Both the Algenist drops and the NIOD fluid come in dropper-style bottles, but the Algenist wins here as it's contained in a frosted glass bottle whereas the NIOD fluid is plastic. As well, the Algenist also wins as its dropper dispenses much more neatly and precisely while the NIOD dropper is a big messy gloop, as I noted before in my review.
  • Algenist: 1
  • NIOD: 0

The Algenist drops retail for $50 for 14.8 ml of product. The NIOD fluid contains 30 ml of product for $30, so about twice as much for almost half the price. 
  • Algenist: 1
  • NIOD: 1

Both products are quite watery and do better with a good mixing in the bottle first, but the Algenist drops are slightly more watery. There have been a couple times when I didn't remember how watery the Algenist drops were and I'd proceed to get huge drops all over my face, but I found that if I shook the bottle thoroughly first, this didn't happen, so I'd say that the 2 apply equally well.
  • Algenist: 1
  • NIOD: 1

algenist reveal color correcting drops
Left to right: NIOD Photography Fluid, Algenist REVEAL drops

Pigment & Luminosity
Here is probably where they differ the most. The Algenist drops are a pure baby pink that sheers out when applied to a more pearl color. My skin is more yellow toned than pink, but these drops still work wonderfully on my skin. My face instantly looks more even and just brighter, but without any shimmer. The finish is actually pretty matte, leaving my skin looking almost velvet. It's almost as if these drops have somehow lightened my skin by a shade! I found the Algenist drops great to use around the eye area where I love to add a bit more brightening and to eliminate dark circles, as well as on my forehead where my skin is a bit darker.

The NIOD Photography Fluid on the other hand is decidedly more green and acts better at eliminating redness around the nose and cheeks. The main illuminating effects from this product come instead from its light-reflecting pigments. Lately I've been using the NIOD fluid over top of my foundation to add a dewy highlight wherever I want to draw some light.

I think the Algenist drops are ideal for neutralizing your skin tone and adding a soft luminosity to the skin. It's great for oily skin types as well, as it won't add any extra shine to your skin and it's lightweight enough that it shouldn't clog pores. If you're darker in some areas than others and you want to give your face that lit-from-within brightness, then these drops are the ideal way to do so.

On the other hand, if what you're looking for is that wet, dewy, just moisturized look, then the NIOD fluid is better suited for that purpose. You can apply as little or as much as you want and never look overdone. This fluid gives the most subtle wet highlight and it also helps even out your skin tone. Due to its light-reflecting properties, it also brightens the skin somewhat, although not as much as the Algenist does.
  • Algenist: 2
  • NIOD: 2
Overall I think I've managed to convince myself that these products really are different. Firstly they're actually different colors (although indistinguishable when applied) and they serve slightly different purposes. The Algenist REVEAL Concentrated Color Correcting Drops are perfect for adding brightness to the skin tone, while the NIOD Photography Fluid Opacity 12% helps to cancel redness and give it a dewy highlight that never emphasizes pores.

Final Verdict
Buy both!

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