The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil Review | A revelation and revolution in skincare!

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Okay, call me unpatriotic, but if you had told me one of the most innovative skincare companies outside of Korea was Canadian, I would have scoffed, but people, Deciem is the real deal and they have struck gold once again.

Launched last year, The Ordinary is far from it. Tired of seeing shelves of meaningless mumbo-jumbo and pseudo-science crowding skincare aisles and leading to overpriced products, Deciem decided to take action to make a brand that is as much about honesty as it is efficacy.

Described as "clinical formulations with integrity," The Ordinary is a line of serums, treatments and oils targeting various skin needs ranging from hydration, pigmentation and anti-aging. Each of the formulas are made with only the purest ingredients, with no fillers, parabens, or animal oils; plus they are cruelty-free!

The most astounding thing though about The Ordinary is their pricing - most everything is available for under $10!!! When I first heard about this, my jaw had to be picked up off my keyboard. This kind of pricing for this level of quality is unheard of. I immediately had to have some, so of course I sent in an order (Deciem is primarily available only online).

The first product I tried was The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil, which is exactly just what it says and nothing more.

the ordinary rosehip oil

Available in a 30 ml tinted glass bottle for only $9.90, this rose hip oil is a potent evening serum. Rose hip oil is well known for its potent moisturizing properties, due to its incredibly high levels of linoleic acids and vitamin A. Rose hip oil is a great all-around product as it's hydrating and anti-aging, while also helping to repair sun damage for more even skin tone and it's gentle enough for most anyone to use.

As it's so pure, I was interested if the Rose Hip Seed Oil had any scent, and yes, it does smell a bit green and more earthy than actual rose flowers. The oil is a medium amber color and of medium viscosity. Each night after cleansing and toning, I apply 3 drops to my neck and 4 to my face - as you age, don't forget to treat your necks ladies as they wrinkle too!

I found the oil to be very soothing and rich. It absorbs super quick and leaves behind a slightly sticky, but almost velvety feel to my skin. My face immediately feels softer and plumper upon application. Combined with the rest of my evening skincare, my skin appears brighter and feels more silky. After a month of use, I've noticed my fine lines are literally gone... well, except under my eyes, but unfortunately this is probably too heavy to apply there.

Based on this one product, I'm absolutely sold on The Ordinary. The products can be really intimidating to get into as they have very scientific names, but this rose oil is a great intro. Deciem also publishes a handy guide on when and how to apply each The Ordinary product and even sample regimens to use for various skin concerns. I also purchased their Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5, so perhaps I should just round my collection with the rest of the anti-aging regimen and why not when the entire 5 product regimen would cost the same or less than a single serum from most brands?

Seriously, why are you still reading this review? Go buy this already!

the ordinary rosehip oil review

Final Verdict
Buy, duh - deeply moisturizing and super cheap, this pure rose hip seed oil is a great all-rounder anyone should add to their routine.

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