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Bdellium Maestro 987 brush review

Although one might think that eventually you could have talked about everything under the sun when it comes to beauty, this is not actually the case. There are always new brands, new formulas and new products to talk about! Case in point: this Bdellium Maestro 987 Face Blending Brush. I haven't seen many reviews on this brand at all, so I'm thrilled to be able to share this line with you all today.

Bdellium Maestro 987 Face Blending Brush
Price: $25 USD / $33 CAD
Claims: The perfect brush for contouring and applying blush with either liquid or powder products.
  • Affordable
  • Very full, dense bristles
  • Soft 
  • Applies product evenly and blends well
Cons: None!
Final Verdict: Buy

Bdellium hasn't been around too long as far as makeup brands go. Started in just 2009 by a group of Californian makeup artists, Bdellium is mainly known in makeup artists circles for their affordable quality brushes. Bdellium specializes in providing cruelty-free, synthetic brushes, with the exception of their Maestro line, which contains a mix of natural and synthetic hairs. 

bdellium maestro 987 contour brush review

I discovered Bdellium at last year's IMATS in Vancouver and their booth was massive, so I got to check out all their various brush lines. Maestro seems to me their top of the line collection, with its aforementioned use of natural and synthetic hairs. As well, the Maestro brushes contain a very sleek, professional look, with black polished handles and silver ferrules. 

Bdellium's other lines include the Studio and Bambu lines. By feel, I couldn't really tell the difference between the Maestro and Studio lines except that the Studio brushes are distinguished by their bright yellow handles. The Bambu line features only synthetic hairs and feels very soft and similar to EcoTool brushes. The Bambu brushes also come in green, pink, purple and yellow varieties. 

Although the online listing states that you could use the Bdellium Maestro 987 Face Blending Brush as both a blush and contour brush, I prefer to use mine strictly for contouring, just because I hate having to wash it every time I want to use a different type of product (you don't want to mistakenly contour with pink!). With its horizontal cylindrical head and short bristles, the Bdellium Maestro 987 Face Blending Brush makes a perfect brush for applying bronzer to the hollows of my cheek and along my jawline. 

I love how soft and dense this brush is. The bristles aren't scratchy at all, and it's dense enough to help pack on color, yet soft enough to blend out any edges. If you own a dense foundation buffing brush, then I think you'll find this one similar in feel. The handle is lightweight and easy to hold. 

bdellium maestro 987 face blending brush

I've already washed my Bdellium Maestro 987 Face Blending Brush a few times and the bristles remain firm and all the hairs are intact. I'm not sure whether mine is made with natural, synthetic hairs, or both, but I can attest that it works equally well with both cream and powders. Most of my bronzers are powders and I just need to lightly brush my Bdellium Maestro 987 Face Blending Brush across the surface of my powders to get immediate color payoff. 

Even though I haven't tried this brush with other products, I think it could work well to apply cream blushes, or even to buff thicker foundations! 

Bdellium products are available at select retailers across the US and Canada and you can also purchase them online!

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