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Bite The Lip Pencil review and Influenster

By now, you probably feel inundated with Instagrams and reviews of the Bite Beauty lip pencils. Well here's another one, but I think what I have to say may surprise you. These classic, ultra-pigmented, creamy lip pencils are Bite's answer to the often overlooked lip liner. Although I'm not a big lip liner person myself, I do think they're an essential in every lipstick lover's kit, so how do these ones from my beloved Bite stand up?

Bite Beauty The Lip Pencil
Price: $20 for 1.4 g
  • Precision application
  • Opaque color
  • Lightweight
  • Creamy texture
  • Contains moisturizing shea butter
  • Opaque, creamy color in just one swipe - true to form with other Bite products
  • Pointed tip does give a precise line that's easy to blend
  • No sharpener included
  • Drying and settles into lines
  • Texture is almost too soft and the lead breaks easily
Final Verdict: Ditch

bite beauty the lip pencil
Left to right: Mulberry, Rich Mahogany, Musk, Rosy Brown

I have yet to meet a Bite lipstick that I don't like and I own several shades of the Amuse Bouche and Luminous Creme lipsticks and I love them. I even love the ones that look horrible on me because they are just everything I could ever want in a lipstick: pigmented, creamy, never drying, fades beautifully, wears well, price isn't too insane, they're made from food grade ingredients, and they're Canadian! So you can bet your last dollar that I was excited when Influenster offered to send me 2 free Bite lip pencils to try. 

The shades I received were Rosy Brown and Rich Mahogany. Rosy Brown is a pink-brown that I knew right away I would love as a perfect match to my natural lip color, while Rich Mahogany had me intrigued as it's a decidedly vampy red. 

Unlike a lot of lip liners you see these days, Bite went the traditional pencil route. I actually prefer actual pencils as opposed to twist-up liners as nothing beats a freshly sharpened point to really define one's lip line. If you are wearing any vibrant shade at all, such as a red or a purple, then a crisp lip line via liner is a must to achieve certain types of looks. Sadly though, Bite failed to include a self-sharpening lid or even a sharpener in the package. It's not a deal breaker, but when so many other brands are doing this, I kinda feel like that's the new standard and I expected more from Bite.

Thankfully, they didn't skimp on the quality of these pencils. Both Rosy Brown and Rich Mahogany applied with full impact color. Due to their creamy texture, these didn't tug too hard on my lips and applied cleanly and smoothly. Unfortunately, they're so soft and creamy that several times my pencils crumbled mid-application, or when sharpening them. Coupled with the manual sharpening, it made my experiences using these less than stellar.

bite lip pencil swatches
Left to right: Rich Mahogany, Rosy Brown

Out of the two shades I received, Rosy Brown performed way better on me. As I expected, it was a beautiful light pink-brown that I could wear as an all-over lip color or as a liner. I found Rosy Brown to be a perfect complement to Bite's Musk, which is a neutral pink with beige undertones. Influenster had kindly included matching mini lipsticks for us to try with the lip liners, but the one that they included as a pair for Rosy Brown did not match my skin tone at all (Honeycomb fyi), but I think if you're a little darker or lighter skinned than me, then it could work!

Rich Mahogany also applies well as a liner or as a lipstick. It's probably the darkest color I've ever worn as it has some strong black undertones to it that made me look really goth. It was paired with Whiskey, which is a deep chocolate brown and the two do look quite good together. I have very dry lips at the moment and Rich Mahogany did not wear well as a lipstick at all. It accentuated every dry line and rough patch and just made me look like I was diseased. I think I would reserve this for lining only!

At $20 each, I sadly have to call Ditch on these liners. I do really like Rosy Brown, but I just cannot muster the enthusiasm the rest of the blogosphere seems to have for these. They were drying, crumbly and just all the things I don't like about lip liners. 

* This post contains PR samples from Influenster

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