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Niod mask review

As soon as I'd heard about NIOD's yesti collection last year and it's commitment to paying homage to traditional medicines and remedies, I was intrigued. NIOD's parent company, Deciem is more known for their hyper-scientific approaches to skincare, so yesti's decidedly historical outlook seemed like a big departure for the brand.

NIOD, which stands for Non-Invasive Options in Dermal science, is a line of hyper-specific skincare products for the sophisticated consumer. The yesti collection consists of 3 products, all masque based, 2 of which I'll be showing you today: the Mastic Must and the Myrrh Clay.

NIOD Mastic Must Masque
Price: $37 for 90 ml
  • Deep cleans
  • Minimize pores
  • Priming
Star ingredients: Sustainably sourced mastic tree sap
  • Doesn't leave my skin feeling tight
  • Smoothing 
  • Leaves my skin feeling cleansed
  • Gentle
  • Takes too long to use
  • Natural smell might be off-putting to some
Final verdict: Ditch

niod myrrh clay review
Left to right: Mastic Must, Myrrh Clay

The Mastic Must is a pretty unique masque in my experience. Containing sustainable sourced mastic tree sap from trees in Greece, this ingredient supposedly binds to dirt and bacteria to deeply cleanse and tighten pores. I love how the star ingredient is high up in the ingredient's list - in fact, it's number 3! As well, this masque contains a healthy dose of moisturizers (glycerin and centaurea cyanus flower water), as well as cleansers (stearic acid, sapindus mukurossi fruit extract), detoxifying clay (bentonite) and antibacterial/anti-inflammatories (honey).

The Mastic Must is meant to be used 2-3 times a week. Simply apply in the mornings for 10 minutes then gently massage off with a damp washcloth and warm water. You can also use this with a cleansing brush for some extra exfoliation, which is how I used it. Since time is of the essence for me in the mornings, I'd apply this mask while I brushed my teeth and put on my contacts, and then used my Clinique cleansing brush to gently wash it off. It's hard to say whether I was ever able to wear this masque for the whole 10 minutes as I move fairly fast in the mornings, but that's not where the magic happens anyways. 

Between my brush and splashing water on my face, this masque rinsed away easily and cleanly. My skin felt cleansed and refreshed, but not tight. My pores are already pretty small, so I couldn't tell if this masque had any effect that way or not, but I can remark that it didn't seem to have any effect on my skin texture - that is, until I tried the blowdry trick. 

Now this has got to be the weirdest thing I've been recommended to do with a masque, but after hearing other bloggers swear by it, I gave it a go. Right after rinsing off this mask and drying your face, NIOD recommends you blow dry your face with warm air for 10-15 seconds. Doing this helps charge up the effects of the mask and while it sounds downright silly, it does really work! Immediately after, my skin instantly felt and looked noticeably smoother, as if I'd just applied a smoothing primer. It almost felt a shame to apply my usual serums and moisturizers on top and if my skin wasn't so dry lately, I might actually have tried skipping those. 

Despite this neat effect, I'm not sure I'd repurchase this. The masque does cleanse well, but it hasn't proven life-changing yet and I don't like how I have to wait 10 minutes to use it. It seems like a lot of oilier skin types swear by this masque, so maybe I'm not the target user. 

niod mastic must

NIOD Myrrh Clay Masque
Price: $38 for 50 ml
  • Firming
  • Deep cleansing 
Star ingredients: Myrrh clay, strawberry leaf
  • Deep cleaning
  • Soothing
  • Jar packaging is hard to use
Final verdict: Buy

The NIOD Myrrh Clay masque is a traditional clay based masque that gives your skin a deep clean while providing a firming effect for a more youthful appearance. Although it sounds like your typical clay mask, the Myrrh Clay masque has some of the most unique ingredients that I've seen.

First off, the first ingredient in this masque is peat. Now, isn't that a type of moss? I'm not sure, but apparently it's also great for combating blemishes while improving your skin's texture and moisture! The Myrrh Clay masque also contains a bunch of other cleansing ingredients, like strawberry leaf and commiphora myrrh extract. Thankfully, this masque also contains some moisturizers to counteract all those harsher ingredients, like glycerin and evodia rutaecarpa fruit extract.

My biggest gripe with this product is its packaging. The tinted screw-top jar is totally in line with NIOD's branding, but damn is it a pain to use! With a slightly narrower neck, I'm already finding it a pain to scoop this masque out and I really wish NIOD had included a scoop if they were really committed to this apothecary-style format.

Other than that though, I really like this masque. It's very soothing, has a clean, natural smell, and while it does dry down, it doesn't feel unpleasantly tightening like a lot of clay masques can be. I use this once a week and my skin feels smoother, brighter and clean after. Now, it's not the most amazing masque I've ever tried, so I'm not sure I'm quite sold on it yet, but it's a solid one to try if you're interested in checking out something new.

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