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Well the results are in from my first reader survey and I'm so grateful for the 100 people who provided their feedback! I wasn't sure what to expect response-wise as I'd never done this before and I was asking quite a few questions. The responses came in from old and new readers, and there were so many interesting insights that I thought I'd share them today!

Who you are

  • 100% female - no surprises there!
  • 46% of you are ages 21-30, but what really surprised me was the 14 responses from women greater than 40! When I first decided to switch from fashion to beauty blogging with the creation of Just J, it was with the thought that the beauty community was more open and accessible to anyone of any age and looks like that is in fact true!

Where you come from

Sure, I can see in Google Analytics that Google is my biggest referrer by far, but I wanted to see if that was actually a source of readers dedicated enough to respond. What I didn't realize before was that I should have put the Canadian Beauty Bloggers as a poll option! There were so many responses caught up in "Other" that mentioned the network! If you haven't considered joining a blog community like the CBB, then I hope this will convince you to join us!

Another interesting source of readers was from comments I had left on others' blogs. I always try really hard to visit other blogs and interact with those who visit me, so it's gratifying to see that actually does pay off!

Sadly nobody mentioned Instagram as a source for finding me, which makes me wonder why I bother! 

How you follow me

With the previous question and this one, I was really surprised that Twitter was such a major option! Apparently a lot of you found and keep up with my blog via Twitter! Blog newbies take note!  

What you like about my blog and what you want more of

Now this was the meaty part as it deals with content. Here I was hoping to understand what you all wanted me to keep doing and what I should quit investing in. Not that I'm just here for the likes, but I think it's super helpful to be aware of what people enjoy and find useful.

Thankfully, what you like, I also like! A variety of topics was the top pick, but there was also a strong demand for more makeup looks/tutorials, which is great because I needed the motivation to do more! They're definitely the funnest and most creatively challenging type of posts to do, so I'll be making it a resolution to do more this year. 

Canadian brands also had a healthy number of responses; I've always tried to promote Canadian brands on my blog, so I'll have to see how I can incorporate even more into my content.

I'm also going to try and keep doing more cooking related posts, although I do need to figure out my photography situation with cooking as it's really hard to cook and take good photos at the same time!

According to this, nobody wants to see me do videos -__-

What to say "Bye Felicia" to

Tired as it is, I just had to bring that reference in as I actually know someone named Felicia and so I take every chance to say it. Sadly, I guess you all are pretty meh on the book reviews. I had thought to bring them in something different to add to my content and especially since I'm always reading when I'm not blogging. Even though I was a little sad to see this result, I realize that it's a legit conclusion as I myself actually tend to skip over book reviews on other blogs, sooo yeah, hypocrite much? I guess it's "Bye Felicia" to the books!

Overall impressions
This exercise was super useful, particularly the written comments. I deeply appreciate each of those as I know you had to take that extra bit of time to write those. As you can tell by the new blog template, I've taken that to heart and invested in a fresh look that is more mobile responsive. There's a weird glitch I can't figure out at the moment where if you go to directly, it doesn't switch to mobile, but if you go to, it will. If anyone has some tech skillz with custom hosting please let me know! 

Your feedback has also charged me up with renewed energy and creative direction! One comment was to lay off the PR samples, which I can say is fair. While I can't forgo PR opportunities entirely because let's face it, blogging is expensive and trying new free things is FUN, I am going to try to be more judicious on what I do accept and as always, be completely transparent on my opinions and disclosure.

Thank you again to everyone who answered my survey or even bothered to read through to the end of this! If you're a blogger, I hope this was insightful for you as well, and I encourage you to do the same with your own readership!

As for the giveaway, check your inboxes soon as I'll be reaching out to the winner this weekend!

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