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naruko sheet masks

One of the first Asian skincare trends to cross over to North America were sheet masks. These serum soaked paper sheets are designed to give you an instant lift in glow, hydration, anti-aging, or whatever else you want to fix! While I prefer using an actual sleeping or hydrating masque for more long term results, sheet masks are a great way for an immediate perk-up after a long night or before you have a big event or day.

Recently, I was introduced to Asian skincare retailer, Naruko. With sites available across multiple countries in Asia already, it was about time for them to open a site just for Canada! Like any legit Asian skincare brand, they offer a wide variety of sheet masks and Naruko was kind enough to send over a few for me to try!

naruko ampm super hyaluronic acid mask

ampm RX10 Peptide Firming and Repairing Mask
Price: $36 for 5 sheets
Claims: A firming anti-aging mask that uses special peptides to erase years off your face in minutes!

My take: I wasn't expecting too much from the ampm RX10 Peptide Firming and Repairing Mask as anti-aging ingredients take time to have any effect and I was right. My face felt nicely refreshed and hydrated and maybe slightly plumper if I squinted my eyes, but other than that, it wasn't anything revolutionary. I'd probably rank this one as 3rd place out of the 4 masks I got to try.
Final Verdict: Ditch

ampm Super Triple HA Hydrating Mask
Price: $36 for 5 sheets
Claims: Harnesses the power of hyaluronic acid to drench your skin in moisture.
My take: I was a bit disappointed when I looked at the ingredients list for this mask as the aforementioned hyaluronic acid wasn't anywhere near the top of the ingredients list; despite that though, I really enjoyed this mask! It fit fairly well to my face and it is SOAKED in serum, so I was able to spread the excess all over my neck and chest. The ampm Super Triple HA Hydrating Mask also has a nice cooling effect on skin which feels nice after a long day. The morning after using this mask, I swear my skin felt smoother and almost, squishy? I'd definitely consider purchasing this mask, although at $7.20 per sheet, it's one of the priciest sheet masks I've ever tried!
Final Verdict: Buy

naruko rose mask review

Taiwan Magnolia Brightening and Firming Mask
Price: $28 for 10 sheets
Claims: Refines, clarifies and brightens aging skin with the power of magnolia extract.
My take: Magnolia extract is a newer ingredient as far as I know in skincare, and is starting to be used more for its supposed effect on hyper-pigmentation. As I mentioned before, for something to actually change on your skin, you have to use it over a long period of time, so 1 sheet isn't going to cut it. If you bought a pack of these though, then maybe you could start to notice something! 

For me, I appreciated the hydrating effects of this mask, but out of the 4 I tried, I liked the Taiwan Magnolia Brightening and Firming Mask the least. Unlike the other sheet masks, this one had an extended area that you could use to cover your neck, with 2 hooks for your ears to keep the mask from slipping off. Generally, I find sheet masks a bit too big for my face and with its extended size, this mask was so oversized on me. I couldn't get the ear loops to stay on and eventually gave up and just cut off the bottom piece after rubbing it on my neck. Just for that annoyance alone, I'm going to call Ditch on this one. 
Final Verdict: Ditch

Rose & Botanic HA Aqua Cubic Hydrating Mask
Price: $24 for 10 sheets
Claims: Using the power of rose flowers and hyaluronic acid, this mask helps restore balance and moisture to skin affected by the ravages of weather and environmental damage.
My take: I love this sheet mask!! Unlike the others, which are unscented, the Rose & Botanic HA Aqua Cubic Hydrating Mask has a lovely rose aroma that's just so relaxing and really adds to the spa-like experience of using this mask. Like the ampm HA mask, the Rose & Botanic HA Aqua Cubic Hydrating Mask is also quite hydrating and left my skin feeling softer and renewed - but at only $2.40 each, it's way more affordable! 
Final Verdict: Buy

naruko sheet mask review

Overall, I was pretty pleased with the variety and effects of the Naruko sheet masks. They're a little pricier than regular masks, so I'd recommend the Rose & Botanic HA Aqua Cubic Hydrating Mask for regular use and the ampm Super Triple HA Hydrating Mask for special occasions. 

You can purchase any of these masks online via Naruko Canada and get $10 off your purchase using my special discount code A826471875S!

* This post contains PR samples

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