Lipsticks For Feeling Fresh: My Lipstick Collection Part 3

how to wear orange lipstick
Left to right: Revlon Super Lustrous in Siren, Clinique Pop Lip in Poppy Pop, Clinique Liquid Pop Lip in Ripe Pop

In this multi-part series, I'm sharing a peek into my "active" lipstick collection. Right now I have 2 pencil cases (like the kind you use in elementary school to hold pencils and school supplies) full of lipsticks and these make up my go-to daily rotation. This series will feature those products and hopefully will inspire you to try a new lippie yourself!

In the previous installments, I shared my favourite reds and berry lipsticks and this week I'm sharing my favourite orange lipsticks!

What immediately surprised me about this week's installment was how FEW lipsticks I have that are orange based. Turn the clock back a couple of years and I was all about that orange lipstick life, but from then to now, I've migrated towards more MLBB and moodier/vampier tones. Maybe I'm feeling more emo than before?

Back then, I couldn't get enough of bright, citrus lipsticks and orange-reds were so my jam. Contrary to popular belief, orange is quite a wearable color, both in clothing and in makeup, particularly for Asian skin tones. Since our skin already has a golden cast to it, adding in splashes of orange just enhances our natural glow by warming up our complexions without making us look sallow.

orange lipstick

Orange can be a great gateway drug to opening you up to brighter lipstick colors and it certainly was my guide into finding my groove with red lipsticks. Unlike true reds, an orange-red feels friendlier and more youthful; they're also inexplicably less maintenance to wear as in my experience, for some odd reason, my orange red lipsticks have been easier to apply and don't usually require liner!

For those of fairer and cooler complexion, corals are a fantastic option to get into citrus lip colors as corals and peaches are pretty much universally flattering and look good no matter the season. Darker complexions look great with oranges, especially if you're going for a retro look, but for everyday, an orange-red suits most anyone.

Sadly, I wish I still had some of my other oranges to showcase, but my collection has whittled down to just these 3 beauties:
  • Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in 677 Siren - a true orange creamsicle color, I purchased this one ages ago while in the throes of my orange obsession. I was on the hunt for the purest, most orange color possible and this was the perfect match. Although it looks kinda out there, it's really not. With a creamy finish, Siren is a super fun bright orange that actually is wearable, but definitely orange!
  • Clinique Pop Lip Color + Primer in Poppy Pop (as seen here) - I think I've featured Clinique in every single post of this series, but they are really just that amazing! Poppy Pop is a fun red with orange undertones. The color is matte-ish, but never drying and long wearing. 
  • Clinique Pop Liquid Matte Lip Color + Primer in Ripe Pop - if you want a more orange version of Poppy Pop that's still somewhat red, then Ripe Pop is your winner. This liquid lipstick packs a serious punch of color! With a moisturizing and priming formula, Ripe Pop lasts for hours and fades really nicely to a stain, but it is a bit tricky to wear as it's super easy to over apply and it can get gloopy until it sets; that being said, it's still a really lovely color and not super tricky as far as liquid lipsticks go to apply. 

orange lipstick for asian skin
Left to right: Revlon Super Lustrous in Siren, Clinique Pop Lip in Poppy Pop, Clinique Liquid Pop Lip in Ripe Pop

Next week, comes the next installment of this series and features my FAVOURITE lipstick color - pinks! 

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