Mugler Angel Eau Sucree Eau de Toilette Fragrance Review | Or how to smell like a cupcake all day long

angel eau sucree review

It's official. I'm a nerd. Why? Because the first thing I thought of when I opened the Mugler Angel Eau Sucree Eau de Toilette, was that it would make a neat looking version of the Phial of Galadriel from The Lord of the Rings, which Frodo uses to fight back against the spider queen of Mordor.

Unfortunately, this star shaped phial isn't filled with celestial light, but with fragrance. The Mugler Angel Eau Sucree is the latest rendition of Thierry Mugler's iconic Angel perfume. The original, which debuted in the 90's was a vanilla tinged Oriental scent, with notes of lush mandarin orange, blackberry and jasmine and came in the same star-shaped bottle. This latest, limited edition version, came out I believe in 2015, as a sweeter, more gourmand sister.

mugler angel sucree fragrance

The main notes of the Angel Eau Sucree are:
  • Top notes - red berries, sorbet
  • Mid notes - meringue, caramel
  • Base notes - patchouli, vanilla
On first whiff, the strongest notes to my senses were the caramel and sorbet. If you love the smell of cupcakes and sugary treats, then you're going to love this one. It's super sweet, with a lingering spicy vanilla after note. 

Anecdotally, most of the men I know seem to love gourmand scents like this, so maybe this would be really great to wear on a date, but for my personal tastes, this isn't a fragrance I'd normally wear. I'm not exactly sweet, so wearing such a saccharine scent feels... off brand to me, for lack of a better word! I much prefer my sweet scents to be of the citrusy, fruity kind. Despite that, this is one of the better smelling gourmands I've tried as many tend to smell cheap and artificial very quickly. The Mugler Angel Eau Sucree stayed sweet and delightful the entire time I wore it.

mugler angel eau sucree

In terms of packaging, the Mugler Angel Eau Sucree is quite stunning, but I also found the star shaped bottle hard to store as you have to leave it lying down; however it's shape also made it easier for my small hands to hold! The spray is quite fine, so it's easy to apply without worrying about overdoing it and I didn't find its fragrance to be overpowering or to wear differently on my skin. 

Lasting time is typical, with it being strongest in the first few minutes, then fading over several hours. 

Overall, the Mugler Angel Eau Sucree EDT is a girly, candy-like fragrance that smells really nice, but just isn't my cup of tea. If you like sweet cupcake fragrances though, I'd definitely recommend checking this one out!

You can find the Mugler Angel Eau Sucree ($82) at Sephora and at The Bay.

* Please note that unlike my other reviews, I will not put a Final Verdict on this product. Fragrances are highly personal, more so than other beauty products, and therefore definitely take these thoughts as reflecting my own experience only. Always try out samples of perfumes before purchasing as different scents will wear differently on each person.

** This post contains PR samples

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