Lise Watier Age Prevention Supreme Serum Boreal Review | Lightweight, but lacking

lise watier age prevention supreme serum review

Lately I've been trying to shop more from my stash, so that I can make more room in my skincare storage and to also justify buying shiny new things! Recently I was digging around for a new evening serum to try, when I dug up the Lise Watier Age Prevention Supreme Serum Boreal (phew, long name!).

It's been a long while since I've reviewed a Lise Watier skincare product, but generally in the past I've had good results with Lise Watier's Age Prevention line. Lise Watier has 2 anti-aging lines: Age Prevention is for those needing a higher level of anti-aging capabilities, whereas the Age Control is for those first wading into anti-aging products. Keener as I am, of course the regular face serum isn't enough to satisfy me!

Lise Watier Age Prevention Supreme Serum Boreal 
Price: $59 for 30 ml
Star ingredient: Labrador Tea, which is Lise Watier's star anti-aging extract that's sourced locally
Claims: Targets 12 signs of aging - reduces damage brought on by pollution and stress, refines skin texture, minimizes pores, improves tone and radiance, smooths, reduces wrinkles, hydrates and strengthens the skin's natural barrier against moisture loss.
  • Lightweight and absorbs readily
  • Feels cooling and hydrating
  • Fussy packaging format makes this annoying to dispense
  • A bit too lightweight to have an impact on really dry skin
Final Verdict: Ditch

All about those ingredients
A serum is designed to deeply penetrate skin and moisturize the layers within that your regular moisturizer can't reach, so it's doubly important to use serums that have as many actives as you can. 

The Age Prevention Supreme Serum Boreal is made up primarily of 
  • Water
  • Humectants (glycerin and pentylene glycol)
  • Thermus thermophillus ferment, a bacteria found in deep sea vents that is an antioxidant and reduces water loss from skin
  • Preservatives and solvents
  • Labrador Tea, a humble leaf historically drank as a tea by Aboriginal people in Canada, but now cultivated for its potent anti-aging properties. 

Click to dispense
Like most serums, the Age Prevention Supreme Serum Boreal comes with a medicine dropper dispenser, but unlike most serums, this one uses a button encased into the cap to pull and push serum in and out of the dropper. While this sounds like a nifty idea, in execution this was my least favourite thing about the Age Prevention Supreme Serum Boreal. The button would often get stuck for me and it basically eliminates any of your control over how much to use at a time - it's basically all or nothing. 

Hydrating, I guess?
Despite this, the serum itself is pleasant to use. The Age Prevention Supreme Serum Boreal feels lightweight and slightly cooling on the skin, which is welcome after a long day or an intense exfoliation session. The serum itself is translucent with a very slight green tinge to it. It has a slick, gel texture that spreads easily across the skin and absorbs quickly. As it's so light, I think you could use this both day and night, but since I only used it at night, I can't report if it will cause your foundation to pill. 

Unfortunately despite all these good things, I felt rather ambivalent about the Age Prevention Supreme Serum Boreal. This serum is the equivalent of a shoulder shrug. It is so-so at moisturizing and while I didn't notice a decrease in my skin's condition, I didn't notice any improvement either. I was kinda disappointed as I've had pretty good results with Lise Watier skincare before, but maybe my skin is just more greedy now and needs something more. 

Lise Watier Age Prevention Supreme Serum Borea

Although no longer listed on Lise Watier's official site, you can still purchase this serum at The Bay and at London Drugs.

Have you tried the Lise Watier Age Prevention line and if so, what was your thoughts?

* This post contains PR samples

Life Lately: After a recent skin consultation, I've started a goal to drink more water! I downloaded a water drinking app that helps me to drink 1.3L per day and so far it's been working! I even got my coworker onto it with me, although neither of us have noticed any improvement in our skin yet. Does anyone have any tips to share on how to keep on the hydration bandwagon?

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