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pixi glow tonic

One of the biggest tips I have for anyone who wants to maintain their skin, is to exfoliate. Your skin is continuously bombarded with pollution, sweat, dirt and just plain ol' dead skin cells and your regular cleanser just gets the surface. To truly make your fancy skin treatments effective and to ensure a youthful glow and clear complexion, exfoliation is a must - provided you do it right.

Once you get into exfoliation, it's easy to go overboard. Trust me I've been there and all of sudden you'll be facing skin that's going into full on rebellion! When I entered my 30's, I hit such a period and suddenly my skin wasn't as tough as it was and unable to handle as strong an exfoliation as previously.

To fix that, I started to get into chemical exfoliation, which can be gentler for sensitive skin. The latest one I've had on rotation is the famous Pixi Glow Tonic.

Pixi Glow Tonic
Price: $38 for 250 ml
Claims: This glycolic acid tonic is designed to cleanse, renew and purify the skin for a refreshed new you!
Star ingredients: Glycolic acid, aloe vera and ginseng
  • Refreshing and cleansing
  • Doesn't contain alcohol
  • Smooths and refines skin texture
  • Tingly, so start slowly if you're new to acids
  • Can be drying if you overuse it
Final Verdict: Buy

New to Canada and exclusive I believe to Shoppers Drug Mart, Pixi is a well known Brit brand and their Glow Tonic is one of their most popular products. I'd been hearing the buzz about Pixi for awhile, so I was super curious to try their star product as I love using glycolic acid on my skin.

Pixi doesn't list the exact percentage of glycolic acid in the Glow Tonic, but it is listed as the 5th and 6th ingredients (ammonium glycolate is another form of glycolic acid), so I'd wager it's present in a fairly sizable amount. I know I definitely feel its tingling effects on my skin!

The guts of this glow-inducing tonic
I love that the Pixi Glow Tonic also contains aloe vera juice as its 2nd ingredient as aloe vera is a great anti-inflammatory and moisturizing ingredient. The other top ingredients are witch hazel (a natural astringent), horse chestnut extract (soothing and is an antioxidant) and glycerin (a humectant moisturizer). I think it was really smart of Pixi to stuff this tonic with lots of soothing and moisturizing ingredients as glycolic acid, although gentle, can be a bit taxing to uninitiated skin.

pixi glow tonic

Start slow and work your way up
That being said, I still recommend starting off with the Pixi Glow Tonic gradually. This is no weakling and if you just start throwing this on everyday, your skin will not thank you! I started off using this once a week and now I've gotten to using it every other day.

The Pixi Glow Tonic is meant to be used post-cleansing and I like to use it at night when I can let it sit for a few minutes undisturbed on my skin. After a month of use, I've noticed less breakouts around my period and when I do breakout, they seem to go away more quickly.

Sadly I haven't noticed anything significant yet in terms of radiance and my skin's been looking a bit uneven, but I've noticed a lot less flaking and roughness. My skin is climbing out of a difficult time during winter, so while I'm not back to where I'd like to be, things are slowly improving, partly in thanks I believe to this product!

What are your favourite ways to exfoliate?

By the way, I've been experimenting with my review format and would love your feedback on if you like the changes!

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