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shiseido synchro review

Woohoo! Spring is finally returning. Flowers are blooming, the sakura are peeking their pink heads out and we're beginning to dry out from the winter. What I'm most excited about though is the change in the air as that will facilitate my skin changing!

As I'm sure you're sick of hearing, this past winter threw my skin for a loop. Winters are always hard on my skin and especially this one. My skin was super dry and if I wanted to wear anything more than a tinted moisturizer, my skin would just go "nope nope nope!" 

Thankfully, I seem to be turning a corner. I've been masking multiple times a week, I switched to a gentler exfoliation routine, added in some better oils and essences to my daily routine and I've been drinking loads more water.

One of the only foundations my skin seemed to be able to tolerate during this bad period was the Shiseido Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation. I'm totally new to Shiseido foundations, so I didn't know what to expect, but I'm super happy that this was gifted to me!

Shiseido Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation
Price: $58 for 30 ml
Claims: Lightweight all day wear that gives you radiant coverage that won't oxidize or fade
Star ingredients: Mother of thyme extract and St. John's Wort provide anti-aging benefits and smooth skin
  • Applies smoothly and easily across skin with a brush or fingers
  • Buildable to medium coverage
  • Super lightweight
  • Radiant finish with a velvety texture
  • Slight oxidizing throughout the day
  • Oil will seep through
  • Packaging feels a bit cheap for the price
Final Verdict: Buy

shiseido synchro liquid foundation

Coverage and application
I've been experiencing more unevenness and blemishes, so I was hoping for something with more coverage. Frankly, I was skeptical that the Shiseido Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation would cut it, as it has quite a watery texture out of the bottle, but I was wrong. 

The coverage can be sheered out or built up to a medium coverage level. It does a fantastic job at covering up any redness, unevenness and even does a decent job at covering up hyper pigmentation and scars. My skin goes from blotchy and oily, to having the most beautiful velvety texture with a radiance to it that makes me all heart eyes emoji.

1 pump is enough to dot my cheeks, forehead, nose, and mouth area. I use my buffing brush to spread the foundation across each area, then use a buffing motion to work it into my skin. I love how this foundation melts so easily into my skin, leaving it with a natural skin-like texture. One layer is enough for light coverage and then I'll go in with another layer on the areas where I need some more coverage, dabbing it on with a finger and then stippling it in.

shiseido foundation review

Shiseido synchro skin foundation review

If you hate silicone, then you may not like this foundation as it is chock-full of them! All those 'cones though do help a ton in helping this foundation truly glide across the skin, almost like an oil, or an extremely silky gel. 

The Shiseido Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation has a most unique texture that literally feels like you're spreading a satiny veil over your face, but that extreme spread-ability doesn't mean this foundation won't stay put! Once you set it with powder, this foundation won't wander or transfer at all, which was amazing for me at the time as every other foundation I had in rotation would slide right off and pool in my pores in quite a disgusting way. So, I thoroughly believe that sometimes silicones are a godsend!

This foundation also contains some octinoxate and titanium dioxide, which are sunscreens, but they are not present in high enough concentrations to get a SPF rating in Canada.

The Shiseido Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation comes housed in a frosted glass bottle that looks quite chic, but the cap fits awkwardly and the pump dispenser tends to be messy. 

shiseido synchro skin foundation swatches golden 02
Wearing Golden 2

Available in 11 shades, I'm wearing the shade Golden 2, which is the lightest shade in the range. Considering Shiseido is a Japanese brand, I was shocked to discover I was using one of the lightest shade in the range. Sure, I'm paler in winter, but no way am I lighter than a NC20! Asian brands usually offer comprehensive ranges on the paler side and rarely anything for darker tones, so I'm pleased to see Shiseido go a different path.

The Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation shade range is broken into 3 groupings: cool/reddish tones (Rose 2, Rose 3, Rose 4), neutrals (Neutral 1-5) and warm/yellow tones (Golden 1-5).

While overall I love this foundation and would definitely repurchase it, this foundation isn't totally perfect. 

Anecdotally, I feel like this foundation oxidizes slightly by the end of the day. When I first apply it, as in the after photo here, I get a very radiant, white tone to it, but after 8 hours, it's warmed slightly to a more golden tone. It's nothing super obvious except to me, but it's unusual in my experience as most foundations don't oxidize on me, and it makes me kinda sad as I love that just applied look.

Final thoughts
Now, at $58 this foundation is a pretty standard price for the amount, quality and brand level. It's a price range I'm comfortable paying as foundations take forever to use up and this is something I'm putting on my face almost everyday, so I want it to be good, but it's something to consider if you're on a budget. 

For me though, this foundation was clutch and I'll continue using it!

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