Going on a little vacay

Priorities: snuggling

This has been awhile in coming, but I think it's time that I took a little vacation from the blog. That means no more posts here for the next while, for various reasons.

When I started blogging, it was because I loved makeup, talking about makeup, and writing. Blogging seemed like the perfect amalgamation of these and it's definitely been a life changer for me in terms of opportunities, friends and learning new skills - but, it's also been draining, time-consuming and anxiety inducing. Lately it's gotten to be too much.

For anyone who thinks little of the blogger who talks about PR samples, then get your head fixed. The reality is that for any blogger to have readers, they need to be featuring new product. Nobody wants to read about the same products and old stuff that came out years ago, and frankly that's what most people's normal makeup collections are made up of. In order to keep your content fresh, you constantly need to be trying new products, which means either you go broke (because for sure I make no money off this thing!) or you work with brands to get free product to talk about.

Having those brand relationships though are the best and worst things about blogging. It's super fun getting to work with brands and share new products with your readers before they hit shelves. It's exciting to go to cool events and meet the people behind the brand, but maintaining your blog's presence, stats and whatever other criteria PR use to judge whether you're worthy enough to work with is exhausting. The game always changes and the people themselves change as someone you may have spent months getting to know, could just as easily disappear and move on to another brand or firm without notice. Then it's back to the beginning again, proving your case, sending your media kit, tweaking your SEO, posting to multiple social feeds... and so on and so on.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy this. I really do. It's just right now I feel I've lost my inspiration. I still love trying new things and sharing my thoughts with others who also love skincare and makeup, but the act of blogging, scheduling tweets and Instagram, building up a following, taking photos, scheduling when to start testing what, is more chore than passion anymore, and frankly it was causing me a lot of (self-inflicted) stress to maintain. When the work becomes greater than the fun, then it's time to question priorities and I don't want to continue unless I can give you all 100% of my effort and joy.

So I need to rediscover my blogging mojo. Or maybe I won't. Things are changing in my life and maybe it's time for me to make a change as well.

Is this the end? I hope not. I can't see myself not writing in some sort of form. All I can say is that right now, it's farewell while I go enjoy the spring time weather and my sudden expanded free time!

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